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PIL Crescendo


PIL Crescendo is a new concept of Play It Loud! with activities aiming to provide direct and practical opportunities for young musicians and individuals from underrepresented gender groups to engage, participate, meet and build their competencies as actors of change, capable of raising awareness, and advocating and fostering gender equality in their communities and the music industry.

The PIL Pool of Trainers is a group of individuals already engaged in youth and music who received training on practical and pedagogical tools to implement the PIL Handbook and replicate PIL activities in their communities. 

Would you like to organize PIL activities in your country? Get in touch with PIL trainers via!

The PIL Youth Ambassadors are young engaged musicians under 26 identifying as women, non-binary or trans and who took part in a capacity-building program that empowered them to become role models and change-makers in their communities.


Would you like to engage a PIL Youth Ambassador in your event? Get in touch with them via!

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