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Striving for a
more inclusive, equal
music sector

Play it Loud! aims to contribute to a more equal and diverse youth & music sector, welcoming all underrepresented youth to express themselves, take ownership, express freely through music and participate actively in local and European democratic and civic spaces, thus contributing to shape a more inclusive society.


Throughout a set of local and international activities (both digital, hybrid and face-to-face events), Play it Loud! will bring together and directly benefit young musicians and youth and music experts from Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, North Macedonia, Cyprus, France and beyond. The activities will lead to the production of the three main outputs: an initial assessment encompassing best practices and needs analysis; a set of pedagogical guidelines and recommendations for youth and music organisations; and a practical checklist and toolkit to implement inclusive activities for and with underrepresented young musicians. 

We are currently building up an Experts Pool of individuals with relevant and complementary expertise in the field of youth, music education, cultural management and gender equality. The pool will be engaged over the next six months to draft the project outputs and ensure that all activities implemented are coherent and compliant with the pedagogical recommendations and the needs assessment. Experts will meet both online and, hopefully, face-to-face and will directly mentor and coach over 20 young musicians participating in an international training course in July 2021 to translate the guidelines into practical activities and events in their own local contexts. 

The experts and young musicians will be brought together at the end of 2021, in Brussels, to reflect on the shared experiences, the process, and to finalise the outcomes of the first year of Play it Loud!.

More activities are envisaged for 2022, including dissemination events, study visits in some of the partners’ countries and further testing and piloting of the guidelines and toolkit. 


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